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«Dorogoy magazine» – beautiful edition for exacting people

Originated in September 2006 Dorogoy Magazine is for successful and influential people of Kazakhstan who value and appreciate luxury lifestyle.

The word “Dorogoy” is not easily translated to other languages. Russian word “dorogoy” can mean a lot of things, for instance: “dear”, “expensive” wealthy businessman”, “unobtainable”, “treasured”, etc. The present word determines everything that we love and value the most of all.

We work for those for whom the concept of "eternal values" –is not simply defined by high wealthy level or considerable bank account. The Dorogoy Magazine is similar to private elite club, where our readers share their vision, preferences, knowledge and inspire each other. There is no other publication of this range in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Also, there is no more targeted delivery to its readers.

Our title defines the main concept of our magazine. We cover everything that’s mean so much to our hearts, both the luxurious lifestyle and everything that’s valued and treasured by all of us.

Журнал Дорогой - Журнал Премиум-класса

Журнал Дорогой - роскошное издание для элиты казахстана, который не имеет аналогов в Средней Азии и СНГ. Журнал Дорогой является изданием и СМИ премиум-класса